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Honda CR Electric Motocross Prototype Unveiled At Tokyo Motorcycle Show

News Honda fires a resounding shot across the bow of the electric motorcycle market with its CR motocross prototype Honda unveiled its CR Electric prototype today at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, a motocrosser based off a CRF250R....

2020 Suzuki Katana First Ride Review

Reviews Suzukiís iconic Katana returns for 2020. We ride it in this first ride review. Suzuki remakes its Ď80s cult classic Katana street bike modernizing it with the power of its superbike engine and a style all its own....

Whatís The Best Motorcycle For Traveling?

Reviews Is there even such a thing Any motorcycle can travel, but there are some segments better suited for long trips than others....

2019 Honda Super Cub C125 MC Commute Review

Videos We go for a spin on the best-selling motor vehicle of all time, Hondaís Super Cub C125, 2019 edition In this episode of MC Commute we go for a ride on Hondaís 2019 Super Cub C125....

2019 Kawasaki Z400 First Ride Review

Reviews The Z400 is a cool-kid bike thatís (possibly) cool with parents Trying to convince your parents to let you get a motorcycle The Z400 helps you make a strong case. And itís cool, so youíll want it too....

How To Ride Your Motorcycle Faster At A Racetrack

News Battling with your instincts on the way to lap records Beating MotoAmerica Supersport podium finisher Richie Escalanteís kind of talent requires raw speed and precision, lap after lap. And a large dollop of patience....

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