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valve adjustment

does anyone know the valve adjustment for a 1986 R80RT seems than are a lot of answers to this...

something large and loose inside fuel tank

i have been working on this bike for a little while and have the fuel tank off and petcocks removed and noticed a big rattle in the tank. it looks like you can remove the over flow maybe to allow you to shake something out. any suggestions thanks...

Valve Clearance for 1000CC 1983 R80 G/S

I have a new-to-me R80 G/S which has been updated to a 1000CC. Does anyone know the correct valve settings for these Is it still .10 mm (intake) and .20 mm (exhaust) The bike has Bing 32s as carbs. Thanks....

Ears needed for R60/7

Just bought a 1978 R60/7 with a custom fairing. Want to remove the fairing but the ears for the headlight are missing. Any good sources you can point me to Rob...

Emission stuff removal 92 r100r

I made a decision to remove the rest of the emissions system. The tube to the heads had already been removed. I have gone ahead and removed the two solenoids and routed the gas lines like my /5. There is a small tube which appears to be another vent to the crankcase maybe. It had what looked like......

Did I just mess up this brand new clutch? r75/5

So it wasnt perfectly centered and the thin sheet metal part got caught on the threads. It got pretty bent outta shape and I attempted to flatten and bend it back. Am I out $ or can this be salvaged Attachment 73268 ( Attachment......

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