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tie down points 1978 R100S

Can anyone suggest appropriate tie down points to transport an R 100S on a trailer Im thinking of using extensions above the sliders with ratchet straps but also want to tie down the rear of the bike....

1971 R75/5 clutch pushrod leak

Hello All, New to me 1971 R75/5 Approx 50k on the clock.. Clean and neat as a pin....aside from this leak. Bike has sat for approximately 2 weeks without being run (Michigan)....

1972 BMW R75/5 - Wheel Bearing Stack

Good afternoon, Feel kinda stupid in having to come and ask about bearing introductions when stacked to the wheel hub! Took everything carefully apart, took pictures (so I thought) put it all back to gather and when I put it into the wheel truing device, everything feels like its binding when......

Paint info 1978 R 100S

Im planning to repaint my 78 R 100S this winter in the original Smoke Red color scheme. Ive done a great deal of research to determine the appropriate paint to buy. I contacted Holt and they want over $ 1,000 for the paint, reducer, clear coat, etc. Thats a little more than I want to spend, ......

Adventure Jackets

Going to need a new adventure jacket in the spring. In a Rukka now, but looking at Klim. Thoughts Thanks...

Airhead on Law & Order

I was watching an episode of Law & Order the other day and the District Attorney, Jack McCoy, appears to be riding an R100RS. I have seen a fair amount of Law & Order, but never picked up on this until the other day. This was an older episode filmed around 2002 or 2003. Can anyone verify this I am......

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