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RPM reading on 1983 R80 G/S

Feels like the bike is revving high at idle. Anyone have a good solution to get the exact RPM measurement without adding a permanent tach...

Replacing Sump and Gasket

The gasket is leaking and Im planning to replace it tomorrow. As I was evaluating the sump, I noticed a whole bunch of gunk which appears to be oil and other materials that accumulated between the sump pan and the rock guard. Can anyone suggest the best way to clean the sump pan after I remove......

Starter Frustation

I need your help once again. I am still working on 72 R75/5 that I purchased last month. The bike ran when I looked at it and when delivered it wasnt running. Seller felt bad and credited me $500 to repair. Initially, I thought it was the starter since I get a click sound from the starter flywheel......

R65 Siebenrock Kit

Hi everyone- After my recent purchase of an ?81 R65, I am in the middle of an overall evaluation process of work that needs to be completed. The odometer indicates 38k, but the bike looks a lot more tired than that. A top end rebuild appears necessary, and perhaps other engine work as well. ......

Stuttering at low rpm

Hey all, Been working on my R100T 81 and notice some kind of stuttering when at low RPMs or my throttle is at about the 1/8-1/4 turn. I messed around with the jets and what not when I had done the carb rebuild and updated the exhausts and it runs great except when im in first and second gear.......

Change ?76 R90/6 with stock carburetors to ?92 GS carbs?

The R90/6 has the 1000cc Siebenrock kit installed and I?m happy with the stock 32mm carbs low end response. The heads were rebuilt at the same time to stock spec. The stock carbs are now due for a rebuild. I have been told a pair of ?92 GS carbs can be installed with little modification. ......

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