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Knobby tire suggestions

Good evening everyone, I bought a 1986 80 RT as a project bike. The PO started a cafe type conversion and removed all fairings and some other items which I received in a box. My back cant handle a low, narrow handlebar setup so Ive decided to continue the conversion as a Scrambler type bike. ......

Bing Carb Leak

Still figuring out things with my 72 R75/5. Today I was visiting a friend and parked the bike on a very slight uphill grade (its Florida so everything is pretty much flat). I neglected to turn the gas off and noticed the right cab was leaking out fuel. It was from the small exit hole on the bottom......

Need any / all documents or useful links for 1978 BMW R100S

New here. Bought 1978 BMW R100S Need lots of restoring. Need info, manuals, all! HELP Regards...

front brake pad recommendations 1992 r100r

i am trying to get the most out of my single caliper front brake. i have flushed new fluid through the system and bled them thoroughly. i have a new tire i will be putting on this weekend and was thinking of replacing the brake pads.the braking is not that bad but i was wondering if a new pair of......

Checking Final Drive Fluid Level on 1974 R90/6

Help! Discovered a small leak over the winter and want to make sure I have a sufficient supply to at least get the bike into my dealer to have it fixed. LOVE this old thing!!!...

Charging Issue?

Finally some nice weather so I decide to ride the 1983 R100RS down to St Louis to see my son. About an hour from home, the volt meter drops to just a hair under 12 and the red generator light starts to glow faintly. Normally the volt meter points to between 13 and 14 when cruising at highway speeds......

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