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Newbie with electrical upgrade question for 1972 75/5

Hello, I recently purchased a 1972 75/5 and it in great shape except it needs a lot of electrical work. The starter was replaced and I have ordered new coils and wiring harness. This is my first motorcycle (I have only worked on dirt bikes through the years) so its a little daunting. My question is......

Cylinder Sealant 1974 R60

At 146,000 miles I have pulled the valve heads and cylinders on my 1974 R60/6. Valves, guides, rings, hone, new push rod seals, by an experienced independent BMW shop. I?ll be putting it all back together when the work is done. Cylinder seals to the engine block with a metal gasket, not o-rings. ......

Nitty question about the R90S

I am looking at a 1974 R90S to purchase and have the following question. I think I have read that the 74 models had a white ring around the perimeter of the speedo and tach gauges which the the 75 and 76 models did not have. And I have seen this feature in some photographs. The 74 that I am......

Wrist pins for a 1978 R100

I need a source for the old style wrist pin clips, not the circle clips that are used now that snap on the ends of the wrist pins. These snap inside the groove in the piston. Thanks for your help....

1978 R100/7 replacement key

When I bought the bike, the previous owner gave me two keys. One key broke off in the ignition and I was able to get it out. The remaining key works fine but I need a spare. I bought blanks from my local dealer but two separate locksmiths attempted to cut copies from the spare key but they would......

High bars on an S

Hi Before you say Im crazy or goofy let me say I have been a member since 1976, and ridden everywhere. Presently I have 7 bikes and my favorite are my three toasters. They all have USA bars and 2 of them have cafe farings. I like this riding position. Road King to laid back. Ducati st3 to far......

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