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1995 R100RT carb synchronization

I just rebuilt both carburetors and now its time to synchronize them. There is a vacuum port on the carbs, but its used (i.e. connected to a hose that goes to the pure air system ()). So should I use a tee fitting to leave the vacuum hoses connected or should I leave it dangling and connect......

Starter Replacement 1983

Hi folks, Im replacing the starter in my 1983 BMW R80 G/S and I cant seem to find the right tool to access the nuts. They are both in tight areas and none of my wrenches/sockets or other gadgets have allowed me to access the nuts to remove them. Anyone know what tool is most appropriate...

Oil filter question

Had a chance to sneak a 45 min ride in today, temps were low 40?s with melting runoff but still great to get the cobwebs out. Also gave me chance to warm the engine for an oil and filter change. I?ve done this a few times but dont recall whether the filter with rubber ring protruding from the......

1974 r90/6

Looking to sell a 1974 R90/6. Anyone have ideas what the value might be Its been stored in a garage for the last 20 years. It was last ridden 3 years ago, and is in good running condition. Thanks!...

?83 r80rt

Thinking of purchasing this bike. This will be my first airhead. I’m a good wrench but have never worked on one of these. Thinking of everything I need to do to get it where I want it. Carb rebuild $500, Suspension replacement/rebuild, $700 in parts, brakelines, tuneup, better ignition. It all adds......

Restoring proper neutral light function - /6

I claim no authorship for what follows, having found the repair on the ADVrider forum. The neutral light start in gear function on my 1975 R90/6 had ceased to operate maybe a decade ago. The wire connecting the switch at the clutch handlebar lever to the Molzner circuit board in the headlamp......

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