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Change ?76 R90/6 with stock carburetors to ?92 GS carbs?

The R90/6 has the 1000cc Siebenrock kit installed and I?m happy with the stock 32mm carbs low end response. The heads were rebuilt at the same time to stock spec. The stock carbs are now due for a rebuild. I have been told a pair of ?92 GS carbs can be installed with little modification. ......

which size of rings do I need to buy?

I was going to size my rings yesterday and then assemble the top end I finally have everything cleaned, honed, and ready or so I thought the bike is a 1971 R75/5 pretty clean internally as it sat for 20+ years Ive measured out the cylinders and everything has low wear on it and measured out......

1987 R80 rough running above idle

Hi Folks, My 1987 R80 (which I bought new in 1987) was sitting in a barn for 10 years, and Ive been getting it back in shape. That meant rebuilding the Bing carburetors and also clearing out the mice damage to the airbox. There were also some frayed/nibbled wires, which I replaced. The bike......

Snowflake Rim Repair

Hi again everyone- Latest question regarding the rebuild of my newly acquired ?81 R65.. Upon closer examination, it appears previous owner managed to hit a curb or something hard enough to cause what appears to be a flat spot on one side of the front rim, up on the top near the tire bead. I......

Engine block rot?

Is it possible for there to be engine block rot There?s a spot on the engine (clutch side) above the Id plate and below the frame joint where i found a layer of crud. When I tried to clean it, it felt soft and as I poked at it, it started to feel real soft. Is it possible that the engine block......

1972 R75/5 - Flywheel Bolts Dimensions

Good afternoon, Just dodged a bullet in that I stripped several flywheel bolts. It appears the crank thread internals are fine but I would like to run a tap into the crank threads to make sure there is no bolt burres left behind. Does any one have the size needed, as what I found on line is......

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