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speedo lense what glue to use

I need to re glue the lense for the speedometer on my R90/6. I tried super glue but it gassed and clouded the glass, Luckily I was able to remove it with out destroying anything. could I get some suggestions on the proper glue to use. I noticed boxer2valve has a kit for replacement that includes a......

Setting the free play on the throttle cable

Working on this r100r. Torqued the heads and adjusted the valves. I can,t seem to get enough free play on the right carb. I have the adjustment all the way in but there is no free play. I can?t find any information in my weak clymer book. Any feedback appreciated Thanks...

Leaky Left Carburetor - R100RT

Greetings all. My R100RT is coming along nicely. It is actually 100% rideable and enjoyable. There is just one thing - the left carb intermittently leaks (all over my boot!). Ill start the bike, let it warm up, head out - no leaks. But after awhile Ill smell gas, look down, and sure enough, its......

36mm custom upper triple tree

I have cross posted this inquiry in the ADV rider Airheads. I have had this upper triple clamp since about 1985 - not sure about who I got it from from or why I bought it. :scratchThere is no name or brand on it. Total offset is about 32 mm and the stanchions openings are 36mm. What......

92 r100r petcock removal

i have a little seepage from one the pet cock at the tank connection right side i am thinking of rebuilding them i tried to snug the nut on the leak but it was tight and didnt want to force anything any tricks for removing the pet cocks...

Right control switch wiring

Hi All I have a 70 R75 that I am restoring back to ride-able condition. The electrical connections in the headlamp shell were a mess comprised of wire nuts, RTV, rust, and auto connections. Ive rewired everything in the shell using color codes for the R75/5. All the wire colors coming into......

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