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Episode 190 - The Heritage Argument Discussion Repair

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome Back!!! This week, well..... were out of control. For this episode I want you to imagine youre at your favorite bar or garage hanging out with your biking buddies and for the next 90 minutes, this episode is the conversation you here. We discuss the joys and hate of flying We discuss Tims decision to get a Harley Heritage Softail We discuss Eating and Justin not bringing us food We discuss my broken Surface Pro 3 We discuss Tools for working on yo...

Episode 189 - Interview with Wayne Mitchell and Simon Edwards of "Where the Road Ends" Movie

Hello Boys and Girls,† Welcome to yet another fantastic interview episode. Back in July of 2017 I interviewed Jake Hamby and Wayne Mitchell and we talked about their ambitious trip they were planning to ride from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego Argentina via the Darien Gap. They were also going to make a movie about it. Well, Wayne is back with fellow rider Simon Edwards to tell us all how the trip went during the filming of Where the road ends.† Riding through Alaska in November† If you dont alread...

Episode 188 - The Flying Not-Gonna-Happen

Hello Boys and Girls, The men are back in the studio for another wonderful live episode to entertain you. Show notes to follow....

Episode 187 - Interview with Rob Beach of Beach's Motorcycle Adventures

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another wonderful interview episode here on the Motorcycle Men Podcast.†---†So youíve been thinking of taking a motorcycle trip but you want to go someplace exotic and exciting. Or maybe youíre more interested in breathtaking scenery and some great comradery with others who share your spirit of adventure. Or maybe you just want to go to one of these places and ride at your own pace on a reliable motorcycle. Well, if touring Europe, South Africa or New Zealand ...

Episode 186 - Interview with Jacob Hammond of Gravel Map

Hello Boys and Girls,† Welcome to another great Interview Episode and this is a great one! Imagine youre riding your scrambler somewhere and you pass this dirt road. Now you dont know where it goes, how long it is or if its all dirt/gravel. But, there is hope! Imagine if you use Gravel Map to help you find that road and learned more about it My guest tonight is here to tell you all about it.† † † If you dont already have a pair... you need a pair.... Tobacco Motorwear Company Selvage Riding Je...

Episode 185 - Rider Rides with Brian and his 2012 HD Ultra

Hello Boys and Girls.... Welcome to another edition of Rider Rides!! This Week.... Brian tells us all about his 2012 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Big Orange Link to episode † † † † † † † † † † † † If you dont already have a pair... you need a pair.... Tobacco Motorwear Company Selvage Riding Jeans†††† Please consider contributing to Davids Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation†††† Donít forget to check out our fellow podcasters, youtubers, bloggers and vloggers whose links you will find on our ...

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