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Episode 183 - Foggy Helmet Munchkin Math Bike Build

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome to another V-Twin Cafe Show with all of the boys in attendance. LISTEN HERE!!!         This Week: Harley Recalls Street 500 and 750 Get Tim a Bike:  $3500  $3400  $2299  Planning our Spring Ride. Possible destinations High Point  Pine Barrens Run to Lucille’s Country Kitchen  Bear Mountain  Anti-Fog  Cheap Thrills Show and...

Episode 182 - Interview with the Women's Coalition of Motorcyclists

Hello Boys and Girls, Another interview episode and this one will be of special interest to our women riders out there! The Womens Coalition of Motorcyclists is an organization aimed at the growth of women in motorcycling and the industry as a whole. As stated on their website....Promoting dynamic role models and wider riding opportunities will serve as catalysts to draw more women into all aspects of motorcycling. The WCM will establish motorcycle industry partnerships to build a scholarship fu...

Episode 181 - Interview with Del of Delboy's Garage

Hello Boys and Girls, In this interview episode, an old friend returns to join me in the V-Twin Cafe to talk about his last project, his current project, whats new and coming up in the garage and just motorcycle stuff in general. Del of Delboys Garage fills us in on whats going on in his quaint England garage these days.  Delboys Garage on YouTube Delboys Garage on Facebook If you dont already have a pair... you need a pair.... Tobacco Motorwear Company Selvage Riding Jeans  Please consider cont...

Episode 180 - Notoration Moach

Hello Boys and GIrls!! Welcome back to another V-Twin Cafe Show. The boys all got together to discuss some very important things....  In this episode: Recap of last show and interview News on the Ted Shed News on Teds Bike repair Harley Davidson funded UCLA report on benefits of Riding Get Tim a Bike $4999 $3200  $4200  $4800 ...

Episode 179 - Interview with Tim Masterson of the Wyman Project

Hello Boys and Girls!! Welcome to another wonderful interview episode!! Time now for some motorcycle history!! My guest today is the president of the George A. Wymann Memorial Project, Mr. Tim Masterson. Tim tells us all about the first man to ride a motorcycle across the United States back in 1903, George Wymann. An amazing and fascinating story about a young man who took off on his Motorbicycle from San Francisco to New York and he did it in 50 days. Here are some amazing links to this histor...

Episode 178 - Livewire, 2018 Review, 2019 Predictions

Hello and happy new year boys and girls!! We are so very happy to bring you this first episode of 2019!! Special thanks to all of the suppliers of our giveaway gifts for our Christmas Give-Away Show. We gave away over $1000 in prizes. Our prize providers were: Bergen Harley Davidson Harley Davidson of Ocean County Surf and Summit Motorcycles Road-ID  Rever  Spot  Butler Maps  ShoreFire Designs  UClear Digital  Tobacco Motorwear Special thanks to all of our support...

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