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Episode 179 - Interview with Tim Masterson of the Wyman Project

Hello Boys and Girls!! Welcome to another wonderful interview episode!! Time now for some motorcycle history!! My guest today is the president of the George A. Wymann Memorial Project, Mr. Tim Masterson. Tim tells us all about the first man to ride a motorcycle across the United States back in 1903, George Wymann. An amazing and fascinating story about a young man who took off on his Motorbicycle from San Francisco to New York and he did it in 50 days. Here are some amazing links to this histor...

Episode 178 - Livewire, 2018 Review, 2019 Predictions

Hello and happy new year boys and girls!! We are so very happy to bring you this first episode of 2019!! Special thanks to all of the suppliers of our giveaway gifts for our Christmas Give-Away Show. We gave away over $1000 in prizes. Our prize providers were: Bergen Harley Davidson Harley Davidson of Ocean County Surf and Summit Motorcycles Road-ID  Rever  Spot  Butler Maps  ShoreFire Designs  UClear Digital  Tobacco Motorwear Special thanks to all of our support...

Episode 177 - Fat Ass Santa Christmas Show and Give-Away

Hello good little boys and girls!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! This is our big Christmas show and as promised we gave away some great gifts to some lucky winners. On this show we reviewed the International Motorcycle Show Show here in New York City and went over some of the bikes that Justin and I saw.  Great event and I was quite impressed with a lot of things. But thats not what you want to hear about... You want to hear about the Give-Away and who won what. Well, here it is.... M...

Episode 176 - Repair, Helmets and Gift Certificate

Hello Boys and Girls, In this episode we chat about..... Harley Davidson Adding more dealerships globally.  Harley Foo Davidson  Harley Amazon Get Tim a Bike Questionable Road King  Road King Trike  Red King Motorcycle Rider Gift ideas  Pay off their part layaway at the shop or their repair bill Let them another but ugly motorcycle themed t-shirt  Motorcycle magazine subscriptio...

Episode 175 - Interview with Mat Ward of My Motorbike Obsessions Blog

Hello Boys and Girls,  Welcome to another fantastic interview episode and one that will have you going Hmmm... This interview has me talking with Mat Ward author of the My Motorbike Obesessions Blog.  Mat tells us all about his dive in to Flat track and dirt racing and the ins and outs of the whole process.  Please visit Mats page and let him know you heard about him here on the Motorcycle Men Podcast. Dont forget, on December 10th we will be broadcasting live on Mixlr our 2018 Motorcycle Men Fa...

Episode 174 - Interview with Scott Egan of Spot

Hello Boys and Girls, Welcome to another fantastic Interview Episode. This time I get to speak with Scott Egan of Spot. Spot makes tracking and rescue devices for the outdoor adventurer that have saved over 6000 people to date. You can learn more about Spot by clicking on this link SPOT LINK. Even cooler than what Spot has been doing is what they will be doing and that is participating in the 2018 Motorcycle Men Fat Ass Christmas Give-Away. They are providing some free gear and well be announcin...

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